Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Continues

Every time I try to to remember the events of that very day, I still feel chills running down my spine.

My mouth went dry and my head started banging. A rapid playback of the times I spent with her started running before my eyes like I was watching a movie. It lasted for about ten seconds but it looked to me like ten minutes of playback. The news had taken out the air in my sail and had left me motionless.

"Are you there?" I heard the doctor ask from the other end. "Yes", I managed to say. The doctor insisted I come to his office to see him one on one. I agreed and told him to give me like 30 minutes to get there.

I stretched my seat backwards and reclined fully. I was in a state of shock. I couldn't bring myself to accept the obvious truth that I will NEVER be with Princess in flesh & blood again. How?, why?, but they said she was past the danger period? what happened?

My mind swerved dangerously from the news to Baby Kofi [My son] who was hanging onto life at the pediatric intensive care unit in an incubator.

Baby Kofi as the hospital staff called him came out into this world with what the doctors called sepsis due to the mother's condition. I said a short very deep heartfelt prayer to God not to allow Baby Kofi die. I quickly got out of the car and proceeded to the pediatric ward almost running. On getting there, the nurses were avoiding my eyes and were acting exceptionally nice towards me. One of the senior nurses, an elderly woman came to escort me to the room where baby Kofi was lying down in this small glass enclosure breathing evenly with a smile on his face. I stood there beside him wishing & praying to God that his life be spared at least. Tears were streaming down my face as I stood there. I begged him to stay with me and that I will be a good father to him.

Reality came crashing on me again. I had to inform her people and my people of the mishap. How do I start? Before all these events, my mother had come from Nigeria to Accra - Ghana to be with Princess when the baby finally arrives. How do I tell my Mother who was very fond of her that she is dead? How do I tell her family that they will never see her again? The lady tapped me on my shoulder gently to bring me back to reality. I thanked her and went outside. Once outside the ward, I called Mr Ope Babalola who was there with me from the first day she was admitted at a private hospital in an area of Accra called Dzorwulu, to the time we had to transfer her to the 37 Military Hospital for the surgery. He was there with me and three other men Mr Sam Winful, Mr Samson Taylor and Mr Soji Fagbemi all through the time she was in the theater till she came out, which was about five hours.

I just told him in plain language that I have lost Princess. He was shocked and he told me to wait for him to come pick me at the hospital and that I shouldn't drive myself. I told him that I could drive and that I was stable. I drove to his home and there he met me with his wonderful wife. They took me into one of their rooms and there Mr Babalola gave me a real soothing talk. He left me in the room and at that point I broke down totally. I cried like a baby.

It is like having your fingernails removed...

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