Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am sorry I am late in getting to you my dear reader. 2nd of June seem to have less than 24 hours. Hey, just kidding; I was neck deep in schedules, I couldn't sit down to write. All the same i wish you would enjoy my piece today.

In trying to keep my mind busy, I decided to go and purge my injector at a service station at TOTAL filling station at Adabraka. The man was so swift and in less than an hour, I was good to go. I paid him and drove off. Deciding that I should get some things for the house as another way of killing time, I went into a supermarket where I bought various household items. At this time it was close to my appointment with the lab people so I had to start making my way to the lab. This was 7th of October, 2006. I remember that the previous day was her elder brother's birthday and that of my elder brother. As I was driving towards the lab a terrible thing flashed through my mind; 'what if she dies?' Haba!!! 'God forbid' I had to speak loud to myself to banish that thought. On entering the lab, I was given a sealed envelope which I believe had the results of the tests. I paid and left.

On getting to the hospital, I made my way straight to the intensive care unit and when I got there, I was met by a very much smiling nurse who said that the doctor would like to speak to me. I made very positive effort not to let my mind wander. But it was not to be. My mind was whirling at a dangerous speed. There was nothing you could imagine about tragedies that didn't flash through my mind in that short period. Finally finding my voice I asked the nurse gently if I can see my wife and she sternly insisted that it would be better if I went to see the Doctor rather.

At that point I quickly put my native intelligence to work. I started asking multiple questions and answering them at the same time, all in my head. If I had to be sent to go do these test I was made to believe were very important, and now they are no more interested in even asking for the results, then I'm in big trouble. So I thanked her and went outside. I called the Doctor and he said I should just come to the office instead of burning units because he would love to talk with me. At that juncture I knew something was seriously wrong. I went into the car sat down on the driver's seat, put my head on the steering wheel and all of a sudden, I felt very light and disoriented. After about 5 minutes, I picked up my phone, dialed the doctor again and immediately he picked the call I just told him that he should just tell me whatever he wanted to tell me on the phone because I have enough units to last me an hour or more. He tried to persuade me but when it became obvious to him that I wasn't going to give in, he gave me the bombshell. "PRINCESS IS DEAD"

TO be continued...

It is like having your fingernail removed...

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