Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the move still

Sorry for the break, I have been making very positive efforts to stabilize myself emotionally to be able to continue writing. Dele Ariyo Chinedu and Christy Orji shook me back into shape by their comments on my wall. I have to do what I have to do, I said to myself. And this is is me continuing.

Before I start, I would love to inform you all that I am planning a major 4th anniversary commemoration event for my Princess on Thursday the 7th of October, 2010.
I plead with you to be part of this event whether you are here in Accra or not. Just remember that at 19:00 GMT, the event will be starting and just say a minute prayer for those who are still going through the pains of sickle cell anemia.

As I lay on my bed that night, my mind sailed to Late Femi Adeniyi, Princess' immediate younger brother, also a sickle cell patient as at that time in far away Takoradi on a hospital bed, nursing a fracture he had in a bathroom accident. God, how do I tell Femi what has happened? Knowing how close they were, the news would certainly worsen his situation. Before this time, any time Princess goes down with a crisis, Femi was very certain to go down in few days time, and vice-versa.

I kept tossing and turning until it was about 5:00 am. I got up and went out of my room to meet with my elder brother, my mother, my big sister and Princess' best friend, Ify (Anoro). We had a prayer session which included my boys in the house, Gizo, Pascal and Richard.

At this time, my daughter who has been asking after her Mom and Bam-Bam as she called Baby Kofi while he was still in the womb was getting more confused. So that morning, I took her into my room, closed the door behind us and carried her on my lap. I looked her in the eyes, trying not to break down in tears; then I started what I have never thought of how to go about, breaking the news to my dear baby, O'jel. So I called her by her pet name, "Jeli-Jeli" and she called me back in her own way, "my own Daddy". Then I asked her, "in your sunday school, you have been taught about heaven not so?" And she nodded her head in agreement. So what is heaven, I asked. Heaven is where God and Jesus Christ are staying with all the good Angels, it is where we would also go to if live according to the bible, she replied. Very good! I said. Now do you want your Mom and Bam-Bam to go to heaven? Yes she quickly replied. Then I went on to tell her that Mom and Bam-Bam are now with God in heaven, and it is up to both of us left here to work hard so we can also make it to heaven. She looked at me and asked, "so I won't see them again till I get to heaven?" Yes I replied. She smiled and said, "then we'll meet them there later, ok Daddy?" At this point I was almost bursting with emotions, but I needed to give her hope. I agreed with her and sent her to go and play with Grandma. Immediately she left the room, I broke down and wept bitterly.

After a short while, I heard a knock on my door and my brother telling me to get ready so we can move to the mortuary.

We all prepared and set off.

To be continued...

It is like having your fingernail removed...


My Daughter Ojel & My Late Wife, Princess