Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still going

While the arrangements were on for the burial here in Accra, Baby Kofi was still battling with life. Unfortunately, four days after the demise of Princess, he gave up. The Doctor who was fighting with him called me that morning to come to the hospital. When I got there, he broke the news to me. I was shocked and puzzled. Why should all these happen to me? I called Mrs Davies who was taking care of Baby Kofi and informed her. I also called every other person involved in the arrangement.

The plan for the burial now had to involve 2 and no more one person. The man in charge of the Osu Cemetery was shocked when I went to him again for a space for Baby Kofi. Mr Amuzu, that is his name, was so comforting and did his best to console me.

Princess's younger brother who came in from Trinidad & Tobago was then in Accra and with input from his brother and my father-in-law, the Osu burial arrangements were sealed.

The most traumatic time for me was going to purchase the casket for Princess. I went with Mr Baiden, her MD to Korlebu road where the casket makers had theirs shops. On getting there, it hit me again with the force of a bullet that Princess was gone. The sight of those well decorated wooden mansions sent an instant message to me. I started wondering how they will feel inside those things. Haba! I couldn't believe I was actually buying this thing to put my precious Princess.

Immediately we made the choice and paid, the ambulance that was to do the job of moving them from 37 Military hospital to Osu Cemetery picked up the casket. Mrs Davies made arrangements for baby Kofi's casket to be brought to the mortuary straight the next day being the burial day.

On getting home that day in the evening after all the running around, I couldn't sleep. I was so distraught. My mind was racing through a maze. How would things turn out at the burial? How will I stay here without all the laughter and jokes from Princess? Couldn't it have been different? Can I control my emotions at the burial?
That night was the longest night I ever had. It was like the clock was finding it difficult to move. Finally I decided to relax and float away. At about 2:45 am, I woke up with a start. I was sweating all over. The day's activities were playing back in my subconscious. Like a flood, all the anxieties of the burial came rushing in back again. HOW WOULD IT BE AT THE BURIAL OF MY DEAR PRINCESS AND MY BOY, KOFI?

To be continued...

It is like having your fingernails removed...

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  1. na wa o!
    I most certainly cannot relate and doubt I would have been able to cope if I were in your shoes.


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