Sunday, June 6, 2010

And it still goes on

How are we doing today? I will not hesitate to thank you for following me thus far in this journey. I will be making a quick stop over at another pain store and I will give you the details as we move on.

You remember Baby Kofi [My son] who was hanging onto life at the paediatric intensive care unit in an incubator right?. All these while that Princess has been the main focus, Baby Kofi was fighting for his life. From the moment he went into that glass enclosure that was meant to save his life, one woman dedicated her life and her time to making sure Kofi had all the comfort he needed and more. This woman, Mrs Yayira Davies, wife of my Evangelist Charlie Davis is an angel. I still don't know how to express my gratitude to both of you. Every morning as early as 6:00 am, Mrs Davies would be at the hospital to make sure that Kofi was cleaned up, changed and fed. She wouldn't let my old mother stress herself she always said. She would leave her family responsibility to attend to Kofi. Her husband, ever understanding Charlie Davies gave his nod to this change of plans in his family arrangement and even had to drive her to the hospital to make it easier for her.

Kofi was a masterpiece from God. Very dark Shiny black hair, just a little bit fairer than his Pa, well shaped black lips and interestingly big for his age. The nurses would tease me whenever I went in to see him, telling me that he is finer than me. Anyway I was happy. After-all life is all about improvements. So if he is finer, then that means he's an improvement on my model.

Back to the road again.

My mother was able to come to terms with the situation on ground and pulled herself together.

It was now time for the arrangements and we had to go to Ope Babalola's place. At the meeting was Nana Akoto, the GM at Princess' work place, Wellington Baiden, her MD, Yaw Osei Dua, my colleague at INDX Advertising, Mr & Mrs Winful, Samson Taylor, Soji Fagbemi, & Tei GIzo Madjitey.

To be continued...

It is like having your fingernails removed...

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